Update #8 for The Blanket Statement: Craftivists and Knitters Crochet the Resistance

So sorry for the update delay. Traveling for work and holidays got me a bit unraveled but here we go!

Please click here for the original project post and instructions.


Up to 83 squares.  We are 54″ x 54″ now with two to grow on…

A lot of knitting activists are learning to crochet just to participate in this project!  Heck, I had to too!  I was an observer and chronicler of the crocheted afghan phenomenon, but mainly a knitter with only the fuzziest memory of my mother teaching me a chain stitch many moons ago.  It warms my heart that so many knitters are taking a pause from the pussy hats, welcome blankets, and many other noble Resistance efforts to hook a granny for this artistic demonstration of diversity.  Thank you, Craftivist, for getting your group together for a Defarge event (clever!) to crochet squares for this project.  Hello New York, Arizona and Washington state!  A total of 17 squares for the class of Update#8:


Again with the odd numbers!  I guess we will embrace it proudly as a theme!

Starting with the individual arrival.  If I tell you that the first thing I thought of when I saw this was The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, from my college days, would that be too cheesy?  Well I did.  Considering the book’s themes of racism and domestic violence, an important work to be revisited in these times–especially considering it has been challenged for removal from the curriculum by no fewer than seven school boards, but rarely did those challenges succeed!  Always a good sign.  A Resistance knitter crocheting for this one!  Thank you, B. for your square, and encouraging note!

#67 From B. in Seattle WA.  The Bluest Eye.


#67 from B. in Seattle WA.


A group of three arrived together from Arizona.  Thank you, Holbrook and Williams AZ!

#68 from K. in Holbrook AZ.  Tropical blues and pink.


#68 from K. in Holbrook AZ.

#69 & #70 from L.s in Williams AZ. Soft, lovely lavender.


#69 from L. in Williams AZ.


#70 from L. in Williams AZ.

#71 — #82  And now from E. S. and the Craftivists who were hooking away in Mt Kisco in Upstate New York.  They have Heart (our fourth heart square thus far)!  And a patriotic one at that.  A four-leaf clover perhaps?  Cool blue, warm russet, and lots of little flowers.  Some were crocheting in the name of friends and loved ones.  Represent!  Thank you, Craftivists all!


#71 from P. in Mt Kisco NY


#72 from S. in Mt Kisco NY


#73 from M. in Mt Kisco NY


#74 from L. in Mt Kisco NY


#75 from J. in Mt Kisco NY


#76 from E. in Chappaqua NY


#77 From E. in Chappaqua NY


#78 from E. in Chappaqua NY

#79 – #82 P. in Somers New York crochets 4 for friends and family…


#79 from P. in Somers NY


#80 from P. in Somers NY


#81 from P. in Somers NY


#82 from P. in Somers NY


#83 from C. in Mt Kisco NY

Just got messages that more are on the way!  If you are inspired by this post and want to get friends together and make a party of it, please do!  If you want to crochet for friends and family who share are sentiments but not our crafty skills, please do!  Just make sure your squares come with initials and towns for the individuals who choose to stand with us to embrace and support DIVERSITY!  Please share this post online and with your yarn-addicted friends and groups.  Tell your favorite yarn producers and purveyors.  The bigger it gets the more powerful the statement!  Thank you again, to all who have already ‘hooked’ up and in!

If you have any questions about the project’s message, purpose, or intent please feel free to ask in the comments.  Remember however, anything with profanity, racial slurs/ hate speech will never be published.

Please click here for the original project post and instructions.

Update #1  Update #2  Update #3  Update #4  Update #5  Update#6  Update #7

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