Update #3 for “The Blanket Statement”: Direct from the eye of the hurricane

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This week’s batch is light in number but heavily impressive with creativity and circumstance.


#11 Our eleventh square traveled all the way from Bajadero, Puerto Rico.  Bajadero is west of San Juan in the municipality of Arecibo which many of you may know as the location of the Arecibo Observatory–which houses the second largest radio telescope on Earth–as it was a featured location in the movie Contact.  More remarkable is that this square was mailed by J. in Puerto Rico on September 13th when Maria was being watched as a tropical storm with the island squarely in its path.  When J’s package reached me, Puerto Rico was experiencing Maria as a category 4 hurricane.  Now, with devastating damage to most homes, all without power, safe drinking water, internet, or cellphone connections the island is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.  Towns near Bajadero are reported to be suffering ten foot high floodwaters.

Bajadero PR

From J in Bajadero, Puerto Rico

Dear J, I hope you and your family are safe and sound.  Thank you for your beautiful square and note.  It features the colors of the ocean so evocative of your island home, yet now those waters are a severe threat to life and property.  Your note ended with: “Lots of luck.”  I pray you and yours were lucky too, and that far more than luck arrives to see you all through.  I know all connected with this project will keep you in our thoughts until calm and safety have been restored.


From E. in Wauwatosa WI

#12 Turning now to the garden of flowers and eye-popping 3D effects from E. in Wauwatosa Wisconsin.  Even though your square did not escape a hurricane to get here it is equally treasured!  Thank you, E., for your square and cheerful note!

Both squares have white borders and echo Nature’s power and grace.  Keep passing this project on and keep those hooks looping away!  I look forward to the next PO Box trip!


And now we are twelve!

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