Update #4 for “The Blanket Statement”: A Garden of Friends

This week’s batch includes the first collection representing a group. We’ve had two pairs come in together so far, but this week a big envelope held five squares in all.  We also received a square cleverly made with two complimentary mottled yarns.

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Lucky #13 First, the solo effort from J. in Augusta Maine.  It arrived safe and sound, J! Caramel yarn with white flecks surrounded by white yarn with caramel flecks.  Very soft and looks delicious!  Thank you J!


From J. in Augusta Maine

The following 5 are from the same group.  They came with a nice note from S. in Los Gatos CA, listing all the names but did not indicate which square was for whom, so I hope I get the name and square matched correctly!

#14 From S. in Los Gatos CA.  Reminds me of the California sun.  Thank you S!


From S. In Los Gatos CA

#15 From R. in Roseville CA.  A posy from Roseville?  Thank you, R.


From R. in Roseville CA

#16 From K. in Los Gatos CA.  Depiction of a juicy orange, fresh from the tree?  Thank you, K!


From K. in Los Gatos

#17 From T. in Santa Cruz CA.  Could this be a fish?  Thank you, T!


From T. in Santa Cruz CA

#18 From D. in Truckee CA.  Red, white and blue for Truckee’s rich history on the Emigrant Trail?  Thank you, D!


And there you have it!  We are up to 18 and looking very dynamic indeed!  I’ve been taking these pictures on a picnic table.  I sincerely hope we will soon outgrow it!  Roughly two months to go!  Share, share, share!  Get your gang together, bring your orphaned snippets of yarn balls to trade and make a party of it.


Please click here for main project post and instructions

Update #1  Update #2  Update #3  Instagram updates

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