Update #2 For the “Blanket Statement”


Such anticipation going to the PO Box today!  And what a thrill it was!  Six envelopes containing eight squares in all, each square interesting and unique.  Thank you, Everyone!  Your squares are the bomb, and we are just getting started!  If you are just encountering this project, join us here:  “Blanket Statement”.  Time to display…

The first ten!  All getting along beautifully.


Roll call for new additions!

#3 From C. in Alpharetta GA.  Warm like a flower in a garden.  Thank you, C.!

#3. C. Alpharetta GA


#4 and #5. From A. in Wall Township NJ.  A duo in a kaleidoscope of tones, wrapped in a nice note!  Thank you, A.!


#6.  From M. in Hudson FL.  It came with the square below and a nice note!  Thank you, both!  This one is titled “Blue Skies”.

#6. M. Hudson FL Blue Skies

#7.  From C. in New Port Richey FL.  Titled “Flesh Tones”.

#7. C. Newport Richey FL


#8. From C. in Wilmington OH.  Colors cleverly intertwined!  Thank you, C.!

#8. C. Wilmington OH


#9 From A. in Castlegar British Columbia.  Thank you for the note and the trek!  This one feels very soft, and in happy brights.

#9. L. Castlegar, British Columbia


#10.  From C. in Seymour IN.  More LOVE!  (I’m sensing a trend…)  With a burgundy heart this time.  Thank you, C.!

#10. C. Seymour IN

 Looking forward to next week and seeing what artistry you send!


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