What Madness is This?


Welcome!  Thank you for stopping by!  This is just a little romp through a niche of the weirdness that is human life on Earth.  Please join in on the hunt for the black-bordered granny squares afghan.  The more the loopier!  I got a wild hare, if you like, and followed it down the rabbit hole, or, found a loose thread and started pulling.  If you want to get deep with it, this phenomenon speaks to the idea of ‘authentic’ versus ‘manufactured’ culture and how media informs our definition of ourselves, warps history, creates taste, trends, fashion and even false memories.  It’s also about the human need to reach for connection, continuity and community wherever we can find it.  This is where the tail begins to wag the dog.

My name is Kathleen King.  When I’m not obsessing about crocheted kitsch, wasting hours in a yarn shoppe or riding my bike I can be found making the world safe for public art.  I’ve been an artist, painter and muralist for over 30 years.  My website is BikeScribbles.com.


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