Update #6 for “The Blanket Statement”: Shaggy Wildflower Love


More PO Box Love! Nice recycled model too! Very cushy padding.

A set of 8 for the fourth week in Octo-ber (originally the eighth month of the Roman calendar).  The theme of this group is ‘newly hooked’ on crochet!  Several of these were sent in by brand new crocheters.  Each of these are so different.  Welcome!

For the original project post with instructions for participation please click here.


Have to start with the shaggy one and its chrysanthemum-esque companion.  It was the first package I opened, and when the first bit of fluff poked out I wondered ‘what on earth!’ and was delighted with the addition to our collection of, yet again, a different interpretation of the granny square.  A nice note revealed a mother and daughter team new to crochet from Okemos, Michigan.  Brava!  Of course I’m using both!  Thank you, K!

#38 From K. in Okemos MI, K. calls it “A Hot Mess”!


#38 “A Hot Mess” from K in Okemos MI

#39 from K’s teen daughter in Okemos MI,  a 3D “Wildflower”.


#39 “Wildflower” from K. in Okemos MI

Another team effort of mother and three daughters, from Smithfield, Rhode Island, all first time crocheters!  Again, Brava, ladies!  Each one different and beautiful.  Thank you, L., S., M., and M. for your squares and note!  Not sure which square goes with which initial, but maybe you’ll see this and sort it out in the comments. So glad you found the videos helpful.  Excellent results!

#40- #43 from L.S.M.M. in Smithfield RI,  3D love, turquoise rings, mauve/burgundy swirl, and lighthouse burst…


#40 from L.S.M.M. in Smithfield RI


#41 from L.S.M.M. in Smithfield RI


#42 from L.S.M.M. in Smithfield RI


#43 from L.S.M.M. in Smithfield RI


Next, from L. in South Bend, Indiana, such fine work!  Gorgeous color.  It looks like a window into the Mediterranean Sea!  Who wants to dive in?!  Blues are present in 4 of our squares in this bunch…  Thank you, L. for your square and kind note!

#44 from L. in South Bend IN.  Sea portal.

L South Bend

#44 from L. in South Bend IN

Hello Buffalo, New York!  This last square in the group is from L. with lavender and blue (‘…dilly dilly…’) and is so very soft!  Thank you, L!  A gentle way to end the post.

#45 from L. in Buffalo NY.  Lavender’s blue.


#45 from L. in Buffalo NY

And now we have 45!  Still ragged at the top–room for more!  I could have made a narrow strip, five rows of nine each but it looked weird–and I’ll need a taller ladder to photograph from soon!  It’s looking amazing so far.  Keep them coming!  Expect the next update after the Craftivist Defarge Meeting in Mount Kisco NY on October 29th.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with!


All 45 squares look happy together!


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For the original project post with instructions for participation please click here.




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