Super Special Update: Adopt-a-Granny!

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crop 48

Fabulous Forty-eight

I created “The Blanket Statement: My Race is Human.”  a craftivism art installation, as a response to the resurgence and normalization of racist speech, acts, and violence in this country.  It stands as an assertion to all bigots that they are few and those who embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion are many.  Each square represents a person willing to stand in community with fellow humans of every type and stripe in demonstration, choosing Love over Hate.  Previously only those willing to crochet a square could participate.  Now you can too!

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Full to bursting like Santa’s sack, a large envelope, soft and puffy, blocked out the light in the overflow mailbox.  Gasp!  It held 49–FORTY-NINE–squares!  There was no note.  But there was a return address.  Each square is supposed to represent an individual…  I wrote to C. in Collegeville PA and asked if she could email me initials to go with 48 of the squares.  A tall order to be sure.  I never heard anything back.  Heck, I don’t have 48 friends I could attach to this project without lots of social media and phone calls.  What to do?  Wait…  I do have friends on social media who don’t crochet but might want to participate, and Crocheters, so do you!  Wait again!  In the midst of writing this post C’s daughter S. emailed me and provided names for 8 of the squares–Hooray!–but still 40 left to claim!    So here’s all you do:

  1. Pick out your favorite square from the picture list below.
  2. Leave a comment with the square number, along with your first initial, city and state/province, and country if not in the US.
  3. Don’t forget city and state! Or country!
  4. Be very pleased with your craftivism by proxy.
  5. Please re-post to spread the word. (but you don’t have to)

The squares are grouped by border color.  Scroll down this page to see all five groups and 46 squares in all with 40 still open.  The squares will be captioned as each is adopted. Go get ’em!


I hope those who have actually done the work of crocheting a square will not be insulted by this solution.  Ultimately, I mean, just look at the squares!  Such beautiful work!  Such colors!  I could hardly send them back, or away, and say ‘no thank you’.  Instead, thank you, C. in Collegeville PA for providing this participation opportunity!


10 ‘In the Black’





#101 adopted by E. from Herndon VA!


#102 adopted by J. from Eagle, Colorado!


#103 adopted by K. from Savery, Wyoming!


#104 adopted by S. from Greenville, South Carolina!


#105 adopted by L. from The Bronx, New York, NY!






#108 adopted by D. from Boston, Massachusetts!


#109 adopted by A.G. East Norriton PA


11 Gettin’ down with brown (one is spoken for in Update #9).


#110 adopted by R. from Westminster, Colorado!




#112 adopted by A. from Las Cruces, New Mexico!










#117 adopted by J. from Bearden, Arkansas!




#119 adopted by D.C. Collegeville PA


11 Keen for peaches and cream (one is spoken for in Update #9).




#121 adopted by S. from Chicago, Illinois!




#123 adopted by B. from Cedar City, Utah!


#124 adopted by S.G. in Fairfax VA


#125 adopted by J. from Ketchikan, Alaska!






#128 adopted by R. from El Paso, Texas!


#129 adopted by S.R. Morgantown PA


7 Tickled in Ivory






#132 adopted by C. from Compton, California!


#133 adopted by C.W. in Middletown PA


#134 adopted by J. in Washington D.C.!






9 in Bright White
















#144 adopted by B.C. Collegeville PA


#145 adopted by R. from Bearden, Arkansas!

Now, that was fun!

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Update #9 for the Blanket Statement: 99 Granny Squares in all, 99 Granny Squares…


This update is a little wonky, and gets complicated, but please bear with me.  We had 13 new participants, with one squeaking in at the last minute (Yay, Brooklyn!). They sent a total of… 14… 16… er, 62 new squares–for a grand total of either 97, or 99, or… 145!  This group represents Victoria, Australia; Betty’s Bay South Africa; Stuttgart and Frankfurt Germany; Indiana; California; Pennsylvania, and New York.  Whew!

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Now here’s the dilemma: one incredibly industrious, dextrous and creative person (with beautiful color sense), namely C. in Collegeville PA, sent 49 (FORTY-NINE!) beautiful squares without names for the other 48 individuals they represent.  I sent a letter to C. hoping she might provide the initials but I never heard back.  SO, in the next post, which will follow shortly on the heels of this one, I am throwing it to all the would-be participants who don’t crochet but would love to be included and invite them to claim a square.  Each square will be showcased in that post. Please check into the next special update and share, share, share so we can include all 49!  In fact, please SHARE this update!  The deadline is approaching fast and it would be great to make 200, yes?



I did take the liberty of including 3 squares from the 49 to at last have an even number for the total of 99 for this post.  I know I have those two covered if need be!



Ninety-Nine Squares in All!

Starting with the individuals…

#84 from a member of “Guys Who Crochet Too”, J. in Fishers, Indiana.  He’s rocking the lavender triangle love in fine style.  Thank you, J!

J INfishers

#84 from J. in Fishers IN

#85 from K. in Brooklyn New York.  A new crocheter, this is her first effort and it is a happy burst of color!  Thank you for your pretty holiday card, too, K!


#85 from K. in Brooklyn NY

#86 & #87 come to us from craftivist Ann-Marie Peard in Melbourne, Victoria Australia who started crocheting #queergrannysquares to protest a bill allowing discrimination against LGBTQ people in Australia.  She posted an excerpt from her blog on the issue and I wrote to ask her if she would contribute a couple to our blanket and she graciously obliged.  Aren’t they cheery!?


#86 from A. in Highett, Victoria AUS


#87 from A. in Highett, Victoria AUS

#88 – #96 Were compiled by S. in California–thanks, S!–and come from far and wide…

#88 from B. in Betty’s Bay South Africa who just married M. (see below) Thank you, B!


#88 from B. in Betty’s Bay SA.

#89 from M. in Betty’s Bay South Africa who just married B. (see above) Thank you, M! Congratulations to both of you!


#89 from M. in Betty’s Bay SA.

And from Germany, Thank you A. in Frankfurt, and H.H. in Stuttgart!


#90 from A. in Frankfurt, Germany.


#91 from H.H. in Stuttgart, Germany.

#92 from T. in San Carlos, California.  Thank you T!


#92 from T. in San Carlos CA.

#93 from G. in San Francisco, California.  Thank you, G!


#93 from G. in San Francisco CA.

#94 from G. in San Mateo, California.  Thank you, G!


#94 from G. in San Mateo CA.

#95 from G. in Foster City, California.  Thank you, G!


#95 from G. in Foster City CA.

#96 from B. in Foster City, California.  Thank you, B!


#96 from B. in Foster City CA

#97-#99 at last from the group of 49… The first is for C. in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.  Thank you, C. for all your beautiful work!


#97 from C. in Collegeville PA.


#98 adopted by Z.S. in Royersford PA


#99 from adoptee H.C. in Collegeville PA

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Ninety-Nine Squares in All!

Thank you all!  The blanket currently measures 54″ x 66″ without the remaining 46 squares.  Keep sharing this project with your friends!  Follow Crocheted Monolith on Facebook and Instagram! And check back for the full roster of adoptable squares!

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Update #8 for The Blanket Statement: Craftivists and Knitters Crochet the Resistance

So sorry for the update delay. Traveling for work and holidays got me a bit unraveled but here we go!

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Up to 83 squares.  We are 54″ x 54″ now with two to grow on…

A lot of knitting activists are learning to crochet just to participate in this project!  Heck, I had to too!  I was an observer and chronicler of the crocheted afghan phenomenon, but mainly a knitter with only the fuzziest memory of my mother teaching me a chain stitch many moons ago.  It warms my heart that so many knitters are taking a pause from the pussy hats, welcome blankets, and many other noble Resistance efforts to hook a granny for this artistic demonstration of diversity.  Thank you, Craftivist, for getting your group together for a Defarge event (clever!) to crochet squares for this project.  Hello New York, Arizona and Washington state!  A total of 17 squares for the class of Update#8:


Again with the odd numbers!  I guess we will embrace it proudly as a theme!

Starting with the individual arrival.  If I tell you that the first thing I thought of when I saw this was The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, from my college days, would that be too cheesy?  Well I did.  Considering the book’s themes of racism and domestic violence, an important work to be revisited in these times–especially considering it has been challenged for removal from the curriculum by no fewer than seven school boards, but rarely did those challenges succeed!  Always a good sign.  A Resistance knitter crocheting for this one!  Thank you, B. for your square, and encouraging note!

#67 From B. in Seattle WA.  The Bluest Eye.


#67 from B. in Seattle WA.


A group of three arrived together from Arizona.  Thank you, Holbrook and Williams AZ!

#68 from K. in Holbrook AZ.  Tropical blues and pink.


#68 from K. in Holbrook AZ.

#69 & #70 from L.s in Williams AZ. Soft, lovely lavender.


#69 from L. in Williams AZ.


#70 from L. in Williams AZ.

#71 — #82  And now from E. S. and the Craftivists who were hooking away in Mt Kisco in Upstate New York.  They have Heart (our fourth heart square thus far)!  And a patriotic one at that.  A four-leaf clover perhaps?  Cool blue, warm russet, and lots of little flowers.  Some were crocheting in the name of friends and loved ones.  Represent!  Thank you, Craftivists all!


#71 from P. in Mt Kisco NY


#72 from S. in Mt Kisco NY


#73 from M. in Mt Kisco NY


#74 from L. in Mt Kisco NY


#75 from J. in Mt Kisco NY


#76 from E. in Chappaqua NY


#77 From E. in Chappaqua NY


#78 from E. in Chappaqua NY

#79 – #82 P. in Somers New York crochets 4 for friends and family…


#79 from P. in Somers NY


#80 from P. in Somers NY


#81 from P. in Somers NY


#82 from P. in Somers NY


#83 from C. in Mt Kisco NY

Just got messages that more are on the way!  If you are inspired by this post and want to get friends together and make a party of it, please do!  If you want to crochet for friends and family who share are sentiments but not our crafty skills, please do!  Just make sure your squares come with initials and towns for the individuals who choose to stand with us to embrace and support DIVERSITY!  Please share this post online and with your yarn-addicted friends and groups.  Tell your favorite yarn producers and purveyors.  The bigger it gets the more powerful the statement!  Thank you again, to all who have already ‘hooked’ up and in!

If you have any questions about the project’s message, purpose, or intent please feel free to ask in the comments.  Remember however, anything with profanity, racial slurs/ hate speech will never be published.

Please click here for the original project post and instructions.

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Update # 7 for “The Blanket Statement”: Picking up Speed & Crossing the Atlantic

If crochet is how you get your kicks… we are up to 66!  (cue music!)  I will admit I gasped when I opened up the first bulging envelope and an inner envelope read: These are from Erfurt Germany.  It was only the beginning…

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From Near and Far

The next packet included squares from Switzerland.  I had a fun time familiarizing myself with European handwriting, no really, it’s a brain stretch.  An addition from Maryland brings us up to 17 states, as well!  And don’t forget we already have squares from Puerto Rico and British Columbia.  This quilt may be small so far but its coverage is wide!

The Class of Update 7


The Class of Update #7 – We’ve come a long way!

Let’s get to the descriptions, because, there are 21 of them!  The last one is particularly special.

I like to begin with the individuals, all suggestive of flowers–as are many in this group!

#46 from S. in Gaithersburg Maryland, the 17th state in our collection represented here!  A bright new color combo.  Thank you, S!


#46 From S. in Gaithersburg MD

#47 from T. in Valdosta Georgia.  Thank you, T., for your lovely note “…a flower for all those affected by racism.”  Flower Power!  I’m reminded of Viet Nam war protestors placing flowers in the barrels of guns held by the military police who sought to stop them from marching up the Pentagon steps.  A flower can be a powerful start to get a point across!


#47 From T. in Valdosta GA

#48 from S. in Athens Ohio.  Fresh like a daisy!  Thank you S.


#48 From S. in Athens OH

Then there was this big puffy, packed envelope from S. in Los Gatos who decided to share the project with her friends in Europe and took on the task of collecting their squares and sending the bundle to me!  Thank you so much for going the extra kilometers, S!  They definitely have a different look and feel and I am thrilled to add them.  It is a long parade of squares and I saved the best for last, so enjoy the trip through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria!  Remember, folks from this part of the world know too well where the path of racism and discrimination leads.

#49–#55 come to us from Erfurt, Germany.  Thank you, Erfurt! (still blown away by this!)

#49 from Oma H. (Grandma H), Erfurt, Germany and…


#49 from Grandma H in Erfurt Germany

#50 from Opa G (Grandpa G) in Erfurt, Germany.


#50 from Grandpa G in Erfurt, Germany

#51 from Je. in Erfurt, Germany


#51 from Je. in Erfurt, Germany

#52 From Ja. in Erfurt, Germany


#52 From Ja. in Erfurt, Germany

#53 from D. in Erfurt, Germany


#53 from D. in Erfurt, Germany

#54 from H. in Erfurt, Germany


#54 from H. in Erfurt, Germany

#55–#58 are from Koblenz, Germany.  Thank you, Koblenz!

#55 from S1 in Koblenz, Germany.


#55 from S1 in Koblenz, Germany.

#56 from S2 in Koblenz, Germany.


#56 from S2 in Koblenz, Germany.

#57 from C1 in Koblenz, Germany.


#57 from C1 in Koblenz, Germany.

#58 from C2 in Koblenz, Germany.


#58 from C2 in Koblenz, Germany.


On to Switzerland, and Austria!  These actually arrived with tags with the crocheters’ names attached with yarn.  Thank you Fislisbach, Switzerland, and Steyr Austria!

#59 from S. in Fislisbach, Switzerland.


#59 from S. in Fislisbach, Switzerland.

#60 From A. in Fislisbach, Switzerland.


#56 from A. in Fislisbach, Switzerland.

#61 from M. in Steyr, Austria.


#61 from M. in Steyr, Austria.

#62–#65 are from more of S’s friends in California.  Thank you, Northern California!

#62 from S. in Truckee CA.


#62 from S. in Truckee CA.

#63 from A. in Mountain View CA.


#63 from A. in Mountain View CA.

#64 from N. in Los Gatos CA.


#64 from N. in Los Gatos CA.

#65 from H in Los Gatos CA.


#65 from H. in Los Gatos CA.

I thought I’d save the best for last (not that all aren’t stunning!), but if I deciphered the German handwriting and google-translated it correctly, this is from V. in Finland who just had her (or his) 100th birthday.  Either that or M. from Delmenhorst, Germany (who wrote the note) made it in V’s honor.  Perhaps, S. will sort us out in the comments…?

#66  From M. in Delmenhorst, Germany, and V. in Finland. Super Flower Power with a tiny little hook!  Mic drop, yes?


#66  From M. in Delmenhorst, Germany, and V. in Finland.

Everyone is putting forth such a great effort!  I’d say we have the pedal to the metal now.  The deadline has been extended until after the holidays–January 10th–so you can squeeze this in between holiday projects.  Get in gear (and fiber) and join our road trip!  The more the merrier. Just look how beautifully everyone is getting along!

Group 66

group 66

Group 66


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Update #6 for “The Blanket Statement”: Shaggy Wildflower Love


More PO Box Love! Nice recycled model too! Very cushy padding.

A set of 8 for the fourth week in Octo-ber (originally the eighth month of the Roman calendar).  The theme of this group is ‘newly hooked’ on crochet!  Several of these were sent in by brand new crocheters.  Each of these are so different.  Welcome!

For the original project post with instructions for participation please click here.


Have to start with the shaggy one and its chrysanthemum-esque companion.  It was the first package I opened, and when the first bit of fluff poked out I wondered ‘what on earth!’ and was delighted with the addition to our collection of, yet again, a different interpretation of the granny square.  A nice note revealed a mother and daughter team new to crochet from Okemos, Michigan.  Brava!  Of course I’m using both!  Thank you, K!

#38 From K. in Okemos MI, K. calls it “A Hot Mess”!


#38 “A Hot Mess” from K in Okemos MI

#39 from K’s teen daughter in Okemos MI,  a 3D “Wildflower”.


#39 “Wildflower” from K. in Okemos MI

Another team effort of mother and three daughters, from Smithfield, Rhode Island, all first time crocheters!  Again, Brava, ladies!  Each one different and beautiful.  Thank you, L., S., M., and M. for your squares and note!  Not sure which square goes with which initial, but maybe you’ll see this and sort it out in the comments. So glad you found the videos helpful.  Excellent results!

#40- #43 from L.S.M.M. in Smithfield RI,  3D love, turquoise rings, mauve/burgundy swirl, and lighthouse burst…


#40 from L.S.M.M. in Smithfield RI


#41 from L.S.M.M. in Smithfield RI


#42 from L.S.M.M. in Smithfield RI


#43 from L.S.M.M. in Smithfield RI


Next, from L. in South Bend, Indiana, such fine work!  Gorgeous color.  It looks like a window into the Mediterranean Sea!  Who wants to dive in?!  Blues are present in 4 of our squares in this bunch…  Thank you, L. for your square and kind note!

#44 from L. in South Bend IN.  Sea portal.

L South Bend

#44 from L. in South Bend IN

Hello Buffalo, New York!  This last square in the group is from L. with lavender and blue (‘…dilly dilly…’) and is so very soft!  Thank you, L!  A gentle way to end the post.

#45 from L. in Buffalo NY.  Lavender’s blue.


#45 from L. in Buffalo NY

And now we have 45!  Still ragged at the top–room for more!  I could have made a narrow strip, five rows of nine each but it looked weird–and I’ll need a taller ladder to photograph from soon!  It’s looking amazing so far.  Keep them coming!  Expect the next update after the Craftivist Defarge Meeting in Mount Kisco NY on October 29th.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with!


All 45 squares look happy together!


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Update #5 for “The Blanket Statement”: Wild and Wooly!



When I turned the key to the PO Box I was greeted with a happy avalanche of squares! Two groups and two individuals sent a total of 19… NINETEEN! squares, which more than doubles the number currently amassed.  We have bright brights, and soft pastels, and big, bulky, warm and woolies ready for fall.  Perhaps it’s silly to be so thrilled by such things but I feel the “bright”, “soft”, “warm” energy you all put into each one. I know those who see it will too.  And, I’m one of those people for whom color produces a “high”.  So thank you, Class of Update #5!

We know that a single granny square, won’t change the world, but the LOVE energy we create it with, combined with others and expressed to all who see it, WILL!  SO, crochet on!  And please share!

For the original project post with instructions for participation please click here.

The 19-member Class of Update #5:

The Class of Update #5

The Class of Update #5

Starting the roll call with our individuals.

#19 From K. in Leesburg VA.  Violets or morning glories?  Glorious!  Thank you, K. for the sweet note and the big hit of purples!


From K. in Leesburg VA.

#20 From D. in Faxon OK.  Cotton candy pink and jewel tones gives our blanket a gentle, soft spot.  Thank you, D!


From D. in Faxon OK.

Next a group of 5 pumps up the volume with our first fluorescents (and they feel very soft).  Thank you P., for this bright blast, great note, and all the RESISTANCE knitting/crocheting you do!   This group and the next do not have all the individual names connected so these next 5 are just listed as from P.

#21–#25 From P. in Mesa AZ.  Black with bright lights, like a night on the town.


#21 From P. Mesa AZ


#22 From P. Mesa AZ


#23 From P. Mesa AZ


#24 From P. Mesa AZ


#25 From P. Mesa AZ


The BIG group of wooly, autumn tones comes from the gang at Hidden River Yarns in Philly.  Thank you, L., for the note and hosting that crochet circle!  I hope to visit your shop one day.  We don’t have individual names for ALL 12 of these, so they are listed as from L. in Philadelphia PA.

#26–#37 From L. in Philly, a palette of turning leaves, pumpkin, olive, berry, wine, grey clouds, a little snow, and a touch of blue sky for a cozy season.


#26 from L. in Philadelphia PA


#27 from L. in Philadelphia PA


#28 from L. in Philadelphia PA


#29 from L. in Philadelphia PA


#30 from L. in Philadelphia PA


#31 from L. in Philadelphia PA


#32 from L. in Philadelphia PA


#33 from L. in Philadelphia PA


#34 from L. in Philadelphia PA


#35 from L. in Philadelphia PA


#36 from L. in Philadelphia PA


#37 from L. in Philadelphia PA

The first time we’ve had an uneven number so far!  Hopefully this will inspire some new contributors to send at least 5 this week, or maybe more!  Keep spreading the word!  Isn’t it looking lively and wonderful?  Diversity will do that!


All 37 and counting! Sorry to leave you, blue sky circle from Hudson FL, alone at the top. Surely you will have row mates soon!

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Update #4 for “The Blanket Statement”: A Garden of Friends

This week’s batch includes the first collection representing a group. We’ve had two pairs come in together so far, but this week a big envelope held five squares in all.  We also received a square cleverly made with two complimentary mottled yarns.

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Lucky #13 First, the solo effort from J. in Augusta Maine.  It arrived safe and sound, J! Caramel yarn with white flecks surrounded by white yarn with caramel flecks.  Very soft and looks delicious!  Thank you J!


From J. in Augusta Maine

The following 5 are from the same group.  They came with a nice note from S. in Los Gatos CA, listing all the names but did not indicate which square was for whom, so I hope I get the name and square matched correctly!

#14 From S. in Los Gatos CA.  Reminds me of the California sun.  Thank you S!


From S. In Los Gatos CA

#15 From R. in Roseville CA.  A posy from Roseville?  Thank you, R.


From R. in Roseville CA

#16 From K. in Los Gatos CA.  Depiction of a juicy orange, fresh from the tree?  Thank you, K!


From K. in Los Gatos

#17 From T. in Santa Cruz CA.  Could this be a fish?  Thank you, T!


From T. in Santa Cruz CA

#18 From D. in Truckee CA.  Red, white and blue for Truckee’s rich history on the Emigrant Trail?  Thank you, D!


And there you have it!  We are up to 18 and looking very dynamic indeed!  I’ve been taking these pictures on a picnic table.  I sincerely hope we will soon outgrow it!  Roughly two months to go!  Share, share, share!  Get your gang together, bring your orphaned snippets of yarn balls to trade and make a party of it.


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Update #3 for “The Blanket Statement”: Direct from the eye of the hurricane

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This week’s batch is light in number but heavily impressive with creativity and circumstance.


#11 Our eleventh square traveled all the way from Bajadero, Puerto Rico.  Bajadero is west of San Juan in the municipality of Arecibo which many of you may know as the location of the Arecibo Observatory–which houses the second largest radio telescope on Earth–as it was a featured location in the movie Contact.  More remarkable is that this square was mailed by J. in Puerto Rico on September 13th when Maria was being watched as a tropical storm with the island squarely in its path.  When J’s package reached me, Puerto Rico was experiencing Maria as a category 4 hurricane.  Now, with devastating damage to most homes, all without power, safe drinking water, internet, or cellphone connections the island is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.  Towns near Bajadero are reported to be suffering ten foot high floodwaters.

Bajadero PR

From J in Bajadero, Puerto Rico

Dear J, I hope you and your family are safe and sound.  Thank you for your beautiful square and note.  It features the colors of the ocean so evocative of your island home, yet now those waters are a severe threat to life and property.  Your note ended with: “Lots of luck.”  I pray you and yours were lucky too, and that far more than luck arrives to see you all through.  I know all connected with this project will keep you in our thoughts until calm and safety have been restored.


From E. in Wauwatosa WI

#12 Turning now to the garden of flowers and eye-popping 3D effects from E. in Wauwatosa Wisconsin.  Even though your square did not escape a hurricane to get here it is equally treasured!  Thank you, E., for your square and cheerful note!

Both squares have white borders and echo Nature’s power and grace.  Keep passing this project on and keep those hooks looping away!  I look forward to the next PO Box trip!


And now we are twelve!

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Update #2 For the “Blanket Statement”


Such anticipation going to the PO Box today!  And what a thrill it was!  Six envelopes containing eight squares in all, each square interesting and unique.  Thank you, Everyone!  Your squares are the bomb, and we are just getting started!  If you are just encountering this project, join us here:  “Blanket Statement”.  Time to display…

The first ten!  All getting along beautifully.


Roll call for new additions!

#3 From C. in Alpharetta GA.  Warm like a flower in a garden.  Thank you, C.!

#3. C. Alpharetta GA


#4 and #5. From A. in Wall Township NJ.  A duo in a kaleidoscope of tones, wrapped in a nice note!  Thank you, A.!


#6.  From M. in Hudson FL.  It came with the square below and a nice note!  Thank you, both!  This one is titled “Blue Skies”.

#6. M. Hudson FL Blue Skies

#7.  From C. in New Port Richey FL.  Titled “Flesh Tones”.

#7. C. Newport Richey FL


#8. From C. in Wilmington OH.  Colors cleverly intertwined!  Thank you, C.!

#8. C. Wilmington OH


#9 From A. in Castlegar British Columbia.  Thank you for the note and the trek!  This one feels very soft, and in happy brights.

#9. L. Castlegar, British Columbia


#10.  From C. in Seymour IN.  More LOVE!  (I’m sensing a trend…)  With a burgundy heart this time.  Thank you, C.!

#10. C. Seymour IN

 Looking forward to next week and seeing what artistry you send!


Update #1 for the “Blanket Statement”

Thank you for checking in with the progress!

While we’re hunkered down here in South Carolina and watching the weather, the first two squares have made landfall!

#1  From D. in Charlotte NC.  Love.  Truly so perfect for a beginning.  I think it might be our center square!  Thank you, D.!


#2 From S.  in Ashland Ohio.  The Red, White and Blue!  Thank you S.!

Couldn’t ask for a better start to set the tone.  This project is abut spreading the love in America – and beyond!  And there you have it in the first two squares.  Excellent work!

Keep ’em coming!!!

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